Support the project VLADIVOSTOK EXPEDITION Driving halfway Across the Globe for every Child around the World

What is the


Driving 24.000+ kilometres across 14 countries to create a multi episode documentary and raise awareness & money for children around the world, driving two in 1965 designed but brand new UAZ 452 Bukhanka vans from Amsterdam to Vladivostok via Tarifa.

Two seasoned film makers and creative entrepreneurs (Andras & Lex) on a 24.000+ km journey to the Far East in two new
Russian UAZ Bukhanka’s. Directed by multi award winning director Bram Verlaan. Lex & Andras will be learning as they prepare
and as they go. The trusted support team in The Netherlands will help produce and deliver the goals as set by Andras & Lex.

Departure/ start date: 29 May 2021 (STARTED)

Meet Lex & Andras

Colleagues become friends, friends become adventurers with a mission. Both armed with a passion to explore & create, meet new people and leave a mark for good, these two entrepreneurs decided to take on this challenging trip based on a simple but powerful idea.

“We want to create a cinematic documentary telling a story of people, cultures, adventure, religion, nature and children set to the backdrop of UNICEF projects and the challenges they face. Through our eyes, the viewer will follow our journey and discover the answers hidden in the beautiful personal encounters we’ll experience and from which we’ll learn.”

Expeditions that Matter Foundation, realises experiences for a specific beneficiary goal or organisation. Our mission is to create visual stories that gifts the viewer insight, context and adventure.

It’s our belief that we can enable or create change by challenging ourselves and share our discoveries through visual stories. We embrace adventure with an open heart, keen eye and mindful ear. Our is goal is to enrich the questions we seek with the appropriate context through personal experiences.

For Expedition Vladivostok, our first endeavour, we’ve chosen to support UNICEF and focus the adventure towards the world they work in, the challenges they face and the children they reach. Without being intrusive in UNICEF projects themselves we’ll discover what drives their passion.

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Based on our mission, we give our best to raise awareness and funding for the organisations we support but we can’t do it alone. We rely on people, organisations, governments, institutes and companies around the world to enable us to do so.

Our non profit foundation is created to act as a vessel to bring all our supporters together. Expeditions are primarily personally funded by Andras & Lex to use as much of the funding as possible for the selected goal. In order to support them during the expedition 15% of every donation will be used for food, fees, fuel and operational costs.

Our website will host a continuous up to date overview of expedition status and funding reached. After each calendar year we’ll make our annual report available on our website for review.

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