The people behind the scenes

The team

Keeping all things moving!
We are incredibly proud of the team behind this first expedition. Beside the initiators Lex & Andras who will do some driving, each and everyone on this team is a powerful contributor in his or her own right! Check them out below.


Andras Fictoor

Strategic Creative - Driver
I refer to myself as being a translator and storyteller. From question, problem or idea to; product, solution or a creative direction to move forward. Along my professional career I have supported a wide variety of clients ranging from multinationals, NGO’s and small businesses both national and international.

Myra Fictoor - de Groot

Basecamp Boss
As an entrepreneur I activate my audience through positivity using interaction and experiences to truly engage.

Sebastiaan de Kriek

Technical Director @ Basecamp
I love to develop technical solutions for challenging ideas! With over 35 years of experience with media, films, installations and events both national and international I’m used to deliver in often tight timeframes. Having travelled the world with Andras before creating movies it didn’t take me long to join the team and help out where I can.

Lex Meijer

Media & Film Specialist - Driver
I’m a specialist in creative audiovisual media for 5+ years. I like to develop innovative audiovisual concepts and execute them with great precision. Blending marketing, communication, experiences, design and creativity into one. In short: generate refreshing ideas and turn them into an inspiring reality.

Eva Molengraaf

Producer @ Basecamp
I like to be the spider in the web tying all moving parts together in a fluid and natural way. I’ve worked with Lex and Andras for about 2,5 years and enjoy their enthusiasm, creativity and sometimes nuts ideas. But they always push forward challenging me too to deliver the seeming impossible!

Jay Jansen

Adventure Trainer @ Basecamp
Highly addicted to the outdoors and motivated to release the adventurer in others!

As a Wilderness Guide and Instructor I teach people more than just skills. In my opinion guiding and instructing is more than just teaching skills. I motivate and inspire participants to regularly grab the rucksack and experience adventures on their own. I call it Guiding 2.0. Being outdoors plays an important role to relax and reduce stress.


Bram Verlaan

Film Director @ Basecamp
Film, video, multimedia, whatever, as long as the picture moves -and moves an audience. So give me a story in words, and I'll tell it in pictures!

Niels Hoogendoorn

Visual Strategist @ Basecamp
Enjoys projects that are a mix of design, strategy and software development. Years of experience in Visual Design Thinking and a background in Industrial Design Engineering enable him to keep track of the bigger picture while getting his hands dirty. As a designer, design thinker and developer, he is always thinking strategies, solutions, prototypes and opportunities. Thinker. Maker.